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Made for YOU!

ZEEK is a UK manufacturer of ultra-high performance ski poles and other carbon fibre equipment. We specialise in innovative solutions to give you the forefront in carbon fibre technology.

The ZEEK POLE is the evolution in poles for which skiers have been yearning. By utilising the materials we use within our aerospace applications and by crafting them with our own unique production process, we have developed the pinnacle in performance ski equipment. We’ve achieved both exceptional weight and strength within our uniquely shaped aerodynamic shaft. With the stunning carbon fibre weave on full display. The ZEEK POLE is the ultimate synthesis between performance and style.

Customise your pole

You will be able to take a pair of our fully customisable aerodynamic poles. Where you can choose 2 types of handle. Our light weight cork grip provides elegance, durability and comfort as you stream down the Alps. As for our black rubber handle, it may look simple yet it has a beautiful ergonomic structure with excellent gripping ability.

For comfort you can choose our padded strap, not only it is comfortable, it also has a velcro closure system to prevent risk of injury. If you favour more towards the traditional look, our traditional strap might be for you. A simple nylon strap with pull through locking system, super easy to use and very effective. 

Our pole also comes with two interchangeable baskets for use on the piste or in the powder. You are also able to choose from a variety of lengths, decals, and surface finishes so that you can hit the mountain with something bespoke that has been tailored to your style.

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