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Development of the ZEEK pole

The ZEEK ski pole started its life in the winter of 2012 as a technical curiosity for carbon composite engineers with a love of skiing. We wanted to create something truly unique that would be dazzling in both style and performance. This led us to design a pole with an aerodynamic profile with a varying shaft dimension that slims down towards the basket, resulting in a pole that's both effortless to use and with head turning looks. The swing weight has been significantly reduced enabling a skier's movements to be more agile then ever, whilst the minimal wind resistance keeps the pole cutting through the air with ease as you streak down the mountain.

The test the durability of the pole and confirm the exceptional performance, we have conducted extensive static test within our production facility as well as countless hours of real world tests where we have hit the slopes to give them as much abuse as possible. We've taken them through every scenario which can destroy a pole, from tree runs to parks, we've crashed them into every obstacle on the mountain. We've trapped them under chairlifts and run them over with snowmobiles, proudly watching as they stand up to the punishment.

The looks of the pole have been inspired by our ethos that if something is made from carbon fibre, it should remain on display rather than being hidden behind a multitude of garish graphics. We keep as much of the weave revealed as possible and like to give our customers the opportunity to choose from a range of decals that are in keeping with this theme whilst allowing the poles to be customised uniquely to an individuals' style.

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